This is not a blog about romance.  Nor is it a blog contra-romance. Neither of those types of blog is very hard to find in a culture that exalts one type of love above all others.  Erotic love is celebrated or denigrated (depending, we suspect, on the particular experience of the author).

Here, it will simply be ignored.

It will not be ignored because it is unworthy, but because it already receives more than its share of attention. Whether in rapture or in cynicism, our literature, television, movies, and music celebrate erotic love almost exclusively. Outside the world of entertainment our literary critics, journalists, and psychologists are quick to quick to enlarge the domain of eros, finding conscious or subconscious elements of sexuality in other expressions of love.  Our culture operates with a largely unchallenged expectation that sexuality is the most fundamental part of identity and that eros’s desires trump not only other obligations, but other joys.

It is easy, almost, to forget that other types of love exist, that we are not defined solely in terms of sexuality, that there are other relationship statuses besides “single,” “dating,” “engaged,” or “married”. There are other types of love that permeate our daily lives, that shape us and challenge us and define us.

This is a blog devoted to those stories.  These are love stories: stories of affection and family and friendship and charity. They are true stories.  They are stories to be read, but primarily, they are stories to be written, to remind us, the authors of the exceeding abundance of love in our lives.

A new story will be posted each Friday.  Between times we’ll be sharing the thoughts of others as we come across them.


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